Tuesday, October 5, 2010



My name is Megumi. I am from Fukushima, Japan and have been working as a server at Sanbiki since the end of April.

After I finished College in Japan, I came to Kamloops to study at TRU (at that time known as UCC) six years ago and have lived here ever since. During this time, I was studying at TRU not only taking many courses, but also travelling to Shanghai and Beijing, China to study the Chinese language. While I was a student here, I like to come to Sanbiki's old location for lunch and dinner whenever I missed my favourite Japanese foods.

Now, working as a server at Sanbiki's new location, my goal is to provide comfortable sevice to all our customers (from Kamloops and abroad) and to make them feel at home.

It was my pleasure to welcome to Sanbiki and Kamloops many tourists from all over the world this summer. Many visited coming aboard the Rocky Mountaineer Train. I would like to provide the best service to all of our customers and introduce those customers who are interested to the foods, language and culture of Japan.

Come visit us at Sanbiki!

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