Sunday, October 21, 2012

OISHII is delicious!

                                  Sanbiki's Masa Roll looks delicious and it is!

If it's "OISHII" it's got to be good! Oishii translates as "delicious". Hopefully you won't hear "MAZUI" often. The opposite of yum, "mazui" means yuck/horrible!

Japanese also may use gestures to show their appreciation of a good meal. While uncommon outside Asia, slurping ones noodles is a signal to the Chef that they are being enjoyed. When they are served in hot soup, this also helps cools the noodles as they make their way down your throat.

                This ain't your white Momma's table...slurp up and enjoy!

Many Japanese believe in completely cleaning their bowl, reluctant to waste even a single grain of rice. Excessive or wasteful use of soy sauce is similarily frowned upon. Drowning your sushi in soy sauce in front of a Japanese sushi chef (ITAMAE) is a good way to offend him...

                            Just a little soy sauce on the edge of the fish is enough

A few more'sushi ettiquette" pointers...

The more time we spend in and around Japanese people and restaurants, the more phrases and expressions begin to sound familiar. Naturally we are curious to know who's saying what..  You'll probably be greeted with IRASSHAIMASU! Welcome!
Other phrases you'll hear include...


                       Beer, sake or wine; the battle cry is the same....KANPAI!

"Cheers" is sometimes heard as well. The Italian "Cin Cin" may elicit a giggle or a gasp depending on your Japanese table guests. Cin cin in Japanese slang refers to a male body that generally hangs below waist level, if you get my drift....

"ITADAKIMASU!" is said before the start of a meal. It means "I gratefully receive".

                                Even cartoon characters give thanks before a meal!

And after eating......"GO CHISO SAMA" ("It was a feast") You can say this in thanks to your Chef or hosts when you leave as well.

Next time we'll cover "sushi terms 101". Is "sake" something you eat or drink? Both! Stay tuned...

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