Sunday, March 11, 2012


A bento is a Japanese-style lunch box. Not just for kids, bento are enjoyed by everyone and can be found all over Japan. Pick one up at the train station, where they are referred to as Ekiben; "eki"=station. You'll pay around 1000 yen (about $12) and have a varied and delicious meal for the ride to or from work. If you are indeed living in Japan that is probably how you will be spending most of your time. Going to work. Working. Working overtime, drinking with co-workers after work, and going home to sleep. All rested and ready guessed!

In a restaurant, bento are often served in beautiful black laquer boxes called Shokado Bento. Similar to the disposable take out bento boxes, there will be a variety of different foods displayed in multiple compartments. However Shokado Bento will often include local, seasonal delicacies and the presentation will be more elaborate.

Care to eat a (Hello) Kitty for lunch? A Japanese Mom can show you how. "Charaben" are bentos for kids with food items arranged to resemble popular animation or cartoon characters. Charaben can be outrageously detailed with moms battling for bento supremacy.

Sanbiki's bento boxes may not look quite as spectacular as that! They are however, popular with Kamloops customers who haven't got a lot of time, but crave variety at lunch and want it fast and fresh. Our $10 Sushi Set is the most popular, with cali/dynamite rolls, salads and tempura. The Chicken Bento is a good hot option with rice, sushi, tempura and sides. A vegetarian option is always available, alongside our "Variety Bento". Raw foodies love the Sashimi Bento with sustainably-sourced Wild Sockeye and BC Albacore tuna.
Bento are available for take out from the restaurant as well. Call us at 250 377 8857 and tell us when you'd like to pick it up and we'll have it waiting. No time to order ahead? Grab a sushi pack from next door at Mori Mori's Asian Deli. Freshly made sushi, rice bowls and appies starting at $2.50! And we deliver!

Thanks to Fadamoranga and vingt_deux for the amazing bento pics! More photos and postings from our Sanbiki/Mori Mori team coming soon...


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