Sunday, March 18, 2012


Every cuisine has at least one, often many. Call them dumplings, potstickers or perogies, they are all delicious little packages of yumminess. Usually they're savoury but sometimes sweet. You'll find them pan fried, deep fried or steamed. In Japan they're"gyoza". Gyoza fans are hard core. Tokyo has a "Gyoza Stadium" where you can sample hundreds of different varieties...

Sanbiki is no gyoza stadium! But we make our gyoza by hand from a Tokyo friend's recipe.

SoonJa makes gyoza by hand in our open kitchen. In Korea, similar dumplings are called "mandu"
Circular pieces of flour dough are filled with a mixture of blanched cabbage, Chinese chives ("Niira") pork and seasonings. The wrapper is then folded over and the edges pinched to keep the stuffing inside.

When customers order, the gyoza are placed flat side down in a hot pan with a bit of oil and left uncovered. The bottom crisps up to a golden brown. Then water is added and the pan is covered as the gyoza continue to cook through. When they are plump and juicy, they slide out of the pan and get served with a simple sesame sour sauce made from soy, sesame oil, vinegar etc.

Want quick and easy? Not a problem! Gyoza make a great takeout snack, and we have them at Mori Mori. A minute or so in the microwave and they are ready to go...

Many frozen options exist as well. Spicy Korean kim chi flavour, pork, seafood, or veggie are all available. Cook them from frozen in a pan (same method as described above at Sanbiki). Some are precooked and microwaveable. Check the label for best results!

More dumpling posts to follow...Have you tried Chinese shu mai or har gow ? In Korea, mandu is the name of the dumpling game. Tibetens have "mo-mo". Parlez vous francais? Can you say "Quenelle"? Stay tuned for more! I do love my research work...burp!


  1. Shanghai Soup Dumplings , Xiao long bao, are my favorite!

    1. Yum! We love har gow too. We have some frozen dumplings in our freezers and ingredients for making them at home. Thanks for reading!

  2. Took home Gyoza's today from Sanbiki's Mori Mori and they were so tasty. I highly recommend them for all those dumpling fans!

    1. Thanks Jann! We've got pork and a veggie version of Grab and Go gyoza at Mori Mori. Fresh made daily!