Monday, October 10, 2011

Red Cross Fundraising

MONDAY OCTOBER 24 5:30....East Africa Fundraiser! $20...FREE BEER IF you get the "password" by watching the youtube video..Sanbiki skydives for Red Cross!

Red Cross fundraising is not going well. Red Cross crispies and cookies sit on Sanbiki and Mori Mori's counters going stale. Our goal was to donate $1000 to the Red Cross. We found ourselves seriously stalled at just $700.

While the situation in Japan is better than it was a few months back, the opposite is true in the Horn Of Africa. Somalia and Ethiopia are among the worst hit areas. Everyone's attention seems focused on that part of the world. Perhaps our fundraising efforts needed to shift as well?

So we decided that all money raised until September 1st would go towards the Red Cross work in Japan and all new money would be earmarked for East Africa. Another fundraising dinner has been scheduled for Monday October 24th at 5:30. The 2-tier Bento Boxes we used at our last fundraising dinner were a hit, so we thought we'd bring them back.

We had recently discovered youtube and we've set up Sanbiki accounts on facebook and twitter. We have been dragged kicking and screaming into high tech socially networked 2011! I rediscovered the manual from a digital camera we purchased almost 2 years ago and actually took the time to read it. Turns out that teeny tiny little camera thing can make movies! Who would have thought?

Sanbiki is not above staging a blatant publicity stunt if it helps us achieve our goals. Hell, there's not much we won't do! We decided to take it one step further. We would do anything to raise $1000 for the Red Cross. Even throw someone out of an airplane....

With lots of help from everyone at Kamloops Skydivers, Barry from Camera House and Adam from Sugar Coded Designs, a silly video was produced. In the video you'll get clues to the "password" which will get you a free beer or dessert at the dinner. You can watch it on youtube at kamloops333.

Look for a future blog about the amazing rush that skydiving is! Or if you're feeling brave this weekend , call Dean at Kamloops Skydivers 250 376 1213. He'll arrange for a day you'll never forget! Or visit More later...