Thursday, November 24, 2011


No, we're not encouraging you to pack your favourite bottle to Sanbiki, but rather to "Build a Bento". It's a new menu we started a few months back and it's a favourite with dinner guests. Lots of choice starting at $11...

Picture an empty bento box. Now consider what you want to eat. Fill your bento with pretty much whatever you want. Like raw? Load it up with wild salmon sashimi and spicy BC Albacore tuna rolls. Craving cooked? California, and dynamite rolls are probably still the most popular. But Sanbiki's smoked salmon roll is made with Riverfresh's BC wild salmon. Local, sustainable and it tastes good too! Cool weather means more hot food. Teriyaki chicken or salmon, stirfried noodles or gyoza are good choices.

Vegetarians, and those with restricted diets (wheat free etc) have no trouble finding lots to suit their needs. We have a gluten free teriyaki sauce, wheat free Tamari soy sauce and low sodium options as well. Save room for dessert. Its just $3 more for homemade creme caramel, green tea ice cream or mochi ice. That's a soft sweet Japanese rice cake filled with ice cream.

We have a special bento menu now available for holiday parties and large groups as well. Call or come down and talk to us for more details. Perhaps the biggest news of all is that our NEW dinner menu has been sent to the printers! With the help of new Chefs Hiro and Yama we've added some great new dishes. "Yudofu" is a Japanese hot pot traditionally served in winter in a metal pot with a fire to keep it warm. Tofu and veggies are simmered in a light stock. Diners pick their favourite morsels from the pot and dip them into ponzu sauce before eating. Ponzu is an aromatic citrus soy sauce made with yuzu (a Japanese lemon/lime)

We've added more spicy favourites like Ma Po Tofu. Its a Chinese dish to which our Japanese Chefs have given their own tasty twist. Spicy pork, silky tofu and a homemade sauce warm your belly (and your tongue!). A new spicy super-sized roll can be ordered as fiery (or as mild) as you like.

We'll have more details about our new menu in our email and facebook page (Sanbiki Japanese Kitchen) Follow us on twitter too! sanbikikamloops. We are going to try and arrange for one more Red Cross fundraiser in December...our last one sold out and we have raised well over $1000 for the Red Cross. Thank to all our Kamloops customers! We couldn't do it without you!!