Thursday, June 6, 2013

Chirashi Sushi

Sushi comes in many forms. To most non-Japanese, sushi rolls (maki sushi) and nigiri (piece sushi) are perhaps the most familiar. "Chirashi sushi" translates roughly as "scattered sushi". A bowl full of mixed sushi rice is topped off with an assortment of raw seafood.

Chirashi ingredients and presentation varies depending on where you are in Japan. There may be many ingredients mixed in with the rice, or none. The toppings can depend on the season, the Chef or the customer's preferences.

                                 Even vegetarian versions of chirashi are possible 

At Sanbiki, we mix unagi (BBQ freshwater eel) and tamago (savoury omelette) into our sushi rice. Shiitake mushrooms, ginger and fresh shiso (Japanese minty "basil") are added as well. Slices of sustainably sourced B.C. tuna and wild salmon are arranged on top. A slice of lemon and ebi (cooked prawn) complete the dish.

                                   Sanbiki's version of chirashi sushi

DIY chirashi is easy with premixed seasoning/ingredients. Mori Mori Grocery carries chirashi mix for rice and also sashimi quality seafood for toppings.

                         Add the mix to cooked rice and top with your seafood of choice

Another popular "sushi bowl" is tekkadon. Tuna sashimi is arranged on top of the sushi rice, sometimes in a flower shape. The presentation is stunning but simple to do!

                                      Tekkadon made with red tuna sashimi

Cooked lotus root is crunchy and resembles a white flower when sliced. It is also an attractive addition to a chirashi bowl and can dress up other dishes as well.

           Lotus root, shrimp and ikura (salmon roe) provide colour, texture and taste
Join us for chirashi at Sanbiki Japanese Kitchen! Or if you're in the mood to try something new at home, Mori Mori has sushi making supplies and we're open 7 days a week.