Sunday, May 19, 2013

Thai Time!

                               FREE coconut ice cream with dishes on our new Thai menu!

Have you tried our Thai? Spring is in the air and it's inspired our Chefs to conduct delicious experiments with the flavours of South East Asia.....

 Thai food can seem spicy to the uninitiated. We've kept the heat on medium for our dishes. We've always got extra chili available on request; it's easier to add spice to your dish than it is to take it away!

                                            Pad Thai enjoys global popularity

Pad Thai involves rice noodles stirfried with seafood, meat, egg and bean sprouts or other veggies. Fish sauce, chilis and fresh herbs are used for seasoning. Cilantro (coriander) is particularly popular in Thai cusine. Peanuts or cashews can be added for crunch. Lime, tamarind and sugar "balance" each other out and give pad thai a complexity that is appreciated by Thai people.

"Gaeng" is Thai for curry. Garlic, ginger, fish sauce and coconut milk are usually found in all Thai currys. They may be served with steamed long grain rice; sticky rice in northern Thailand or roti style flat breads in the south.

                            Colourful curry pastes and powders on sale at a Thai market 
 Sanbiki's beef curry is the green kind. Other popular varieties are red curry (with shrimp and pineapple or even duck) and yellow curry. Chicken is commonly used but vegetarian and even vegan curries can be made with tofu, veggies and soy sauce instead of fish sauce. Coconut milk makes Thai curries rich and creamy.

                             Sanbiki's new Green Curry with beef and bamboo shoots

"Woon sen" are a clear noodle made from mung beans. We use it to make our version of "yam woon sen" a refreshing noodle salad with fresh herbs, baby shrimp, chili and garlic. It's perfect summer fare; and like most Thai dishes can be easily shared.

                                                  Summer salad, Thai-style!

Lemon grass is another central ingredient in Thai cuisine. We've made sure to include a healthy dose in our "kai yang" (grilled chicken)

                               "Kai Yang" is a specialty of Isaan in northern Thailand

We are always eager to get your feedback and favourite recipe ideas! Please try the dishes on our new spring menu and let us know what you think....