Sunday, September 22, 2013


TERIYAKI; let's break it down..."Teri" refers to the lusterous glaze that the sauce forms as it reduces. "Yaki" is the grilling or pan frying method used to cook the ingredients.

                                     Teriyaki chicken strips garnished with sesame

 Super simple to make, teriyaki sauce is basically soy sauce, sake or mirin (Japanese cooking wine) and sugar. Sometimes grated ginger is added to the mix.

                               Start with sake (or Mirin), soy sauce and sugar

Due in part to it's versatility, teriyaki sauce is one of Japan's most popular culinary exports. It pairs well with pretty much any protein. Chicken, beef or tofu are all delicious options.

                  Donburi are Japanese rice bowls. This one is topped with teriyaki beef

Seafood lover? Try salmon, tuna or even squid...

                                           Stuffed squid with teriyaki sauce

It's pretty hard to go wrong with chicken wings! Teriyaki sauce puts a Far-East spin on a Western classic.

                               Green onion is an excellent garnish for teriyaki dishes

Many companies offer premade sauces. Mori Mori Grocery sells prepared teriyaki but also has everything you need to make it yourself.

 Premium sliced beef, pork and sustainably sourced salmon and tuna are in our freezers.

                                             Sockeye salmon with homemade teriyaki

 At Sanbiki Japanese Kitchen, our teriyaki sauce is (of course!) homemade. We also have a wheat free version made with Tamari soy sauce. The choice is yours!